Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 1.57.01 PM Spotlight on Our Land - The Crane Farm Preserve
The Crane Farm was settled by Captain John Crane in 1765. LPS has worked in partnership with the Town of Norton and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to conserve part of this ecologically important large parcel of land. TNC served as the lead negotiator with the Reilly Family, descendants of Captain Crane. LPS owns and manages part of the property subject to a Conservation Restriction (CR) held by the Conservation Commission. This arrangement provides a double layer of protection for this important land. Read about this project on the Nature Conservancy web site.

LPS land can be reached at an access point near the bridge over the Three Mile River on Crane Street. There is a kiosk at the site. There are several trails, and kayak and canoe access is planned.

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Take a Spring Walk!
Dress appropriately, take water and a map, enjoy the season


What is the Land Preservation Society of Norton (LPS)?

The Land Preservation Society is a non-profit, independent conservation group chartered in 1970 by the State of Massachusetts. We are dedicated to keeping a variety of types of land wild for the conservation of plant and animal species. Our first purchase was funded by a loan from the Nature Conservancy in 1971, and was one of many that help protect wetlands and Norton's water supply. We also conduct occasional walks on our property and work with other groups to educate people about the environment and conservation.
Currently we hold over 1000 acres of land in Norton. Although much of our land is not easily reached, or lacks paths, and is purely for conservation and wetland protection, over half of our land is very accessible for walking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and bird watching. Land beside town roads and with some paths includes the 150-acre Woodward Woods off Gateway Lane, the Henrich Woods and Johnson Woods off North Washington Street, the Reinhard Pasture beside North Washington Street, the Clapp Wildlife Preserve on Oak Street at Walker Street, and our original holdings along the Canoe River on both sides of Red Mill Road. We welcome new members. Click here for information.

The Goals of the Land Preservation Society are:
To safeguard land forever.
To encourage people to enjoy that land as a place where they can relax and observe native plants, animals, and birds.
To provide an opportunity for many people to become actively involved in preserving land.
To provide information about environmental issues in Norton and help educate people about ecology and conservation.

President: Kathleen Ebert-Zawasky
Vice President: Daniel Murray
Secretary: Linda Kollett
Treasurer: Jon Rowe
Past President: Frances Shirley

Board of Directors
Kid's Corner This link includes reading and music recommendations as well as nature activities.
Calendar of Events throughout the Year. This is a list of events that might be of interest to LPS members.
Photo Gallery for local photographers. Contact if you would like to contribute photographs.

Trail Maintenance Guidelines. If you are interested in helping us maintain our trails, please take a few minutes to read the trail maintenance guidelines. Thanks!

Take Care When Walking our Land
Hunting Caution
Please Note: Where we have trails, the land is posted against hunting, but there are a few irresponsible people who tear down the signs. During deer season, in late fall, be especially careful. It is wise to wear red or orange, and you should tie something orange on your dog as well. If you hear hunters, talk loudly so they are alerted to your presence.
Archery Deer Season: October 20 - November 29, 2014
Shotgun Deer Season: December 1 - December 13, 2014
Primitive Firearms (Blackpowder) Deer Season: December 15 - December 30, 2014

Tick Caution

Tick Encounter Resource Center - URI

It is almost always tick season!
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Ticks on White Pine. Photo by Gerard Zavaski

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