Ten Places to Walk on LPS Land
Link Brief Descriptions of Walkable LPS Land
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Woodward Forest - enter this land from Gateway Lane and walk along color-coded trails and old cart paths. There are several vernal pools on this land. Photos
Blueberry Knoll Wildlife Area- enter this land from Blueberry Knoll Estates off S. Washington Street. There is parking in front of the gate off the Stanley Road turnaround. A cart path takes you into the woods.
Winthrop Dahl Nature Preserve and Polly Goodwin Farm Lot - this can be accessed from North Washington Street after the I 495 overpass. There is a small parking area. The short walk includes a field and a wooded area.
Hallett Land - this is accessed from Red Mill Road. Red Mill Road is a dirt road extension of Newcomb Street. Trails in here go through mixed forest and along parts of the Canoe River. Photos (Red Mill Road)

Johnson Woods and Henrich Woods - these are accessed from N. Washington Street near the spot where the Town of Mansfield sewer line (old trackbed) crosses N. Washington Street. There is parking at the old trackbed. A path leads into Johnson Woods and then into Henrich Woods. If it is very wet, you can enter the land from the old trackbed farther down. This land includes a vernal pool.
King Philip's Cave - This can be reached from Stone Run Drive off Plain Street near Bay Road. This is one of several sites where King Philip is said to have found shelter.
The Medeiros Family Wildlife Preserve - enter this land from Richardson Avenue near the Attleboro City line. Photos
Misty Meadows - Antonio Medeiros Wildlife Preserve - enter this land across Richardson Avenue from the Medeiros Family Wildlife Preserve.
Reinhard Pasture - this is accessed from N. Washington Street between Rte. 123 and Newcomb Street
Alice Clapp Smalley Wildlife Preserve - this can be reached from Oak Street near the Norton Country Club. It is part of the old "Mine Farm" of 1851.