Crane Preserve
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Trail Map (Aaron Portanova)

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The main path generally follows the 3-Mile River. Watch for end of property lines.


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Narrative for Map 29 LPS own Woodward Forest. Also some land donated by Kraska and some Conservation Commission land. Unfortunately some of the land along the river has been developed. Map 29 Lot 9-02 15.2 acres Crane St. Map 29 Lot 10-05 9.7 acres Crane St. Map 29 Lot 10-03 6.3 acres Crane St. Map 29 Lot 85 13.7 acres Crane St. The land now included as the Crane Farm Nature Preserve is shown on Map 29. It is still listed as the Amelia Reilly Trust. Crane Farm Nature Preserve LPS partnered with the Town of Norton and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to conserve part of the Crane Farm (established in 1765) on Crane St. The TNC served as the lead negotiator with the Reilly Family. According to the agreement finalized in 2013-2014, LPS owns the land and the Conservation Commission of the Town of Norton holds the Conservation Restriction on it. Conservation Agent, Jenn Carlino, acquired a $259,200 LAND grant to help purchase three parcels totaling 31.6 acres. LAND (Local Acquisition of Natural Diversity) grants are given to conservation commissions by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs to save land for resource protection and passive recreation. TNC attracted support from other organizations to complete the purchase. LPS donated $5,000 to help reach the $400,000 total purchase price. In addition, the Reilly family also donated the 9.7-acre lot of land behind the farmhouse. This land is entirely within the Three-Mile River Area of Critical Environmental Concern and the BioMap Core Habitat. The site includes habitat for wood turtles, extensive floodplain areas, sandy forested upland and existing equestrian trails. A canoe and kayak access to the river is planned. The Town of Norton Highway department established a parking area for 3-4 cars on Crane St.