Blueberry Knoll
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Walking Bluebery Knoll - Short Essay

Map 18 Parcel 162 6.59 Acres Stanley Road lot 12
Blueberry Knoll Estates. Given by Creative Homes, it is a building lot that provides access to parcel 69. It is wooded with a drainage stream crossing it just behind the neighboring house lots. Donated April 7, 1995 (For valuation see #34)

Narrative for Map 18
Lot 139 was given to LPS by someone from Boston who was tired of paying taxes on the land. It is a nice building lot, and could be sold if needed. It is on a street front. LPS does not usually sell land, but does swap land. (Refer to TPS section. Alice Smalley gave permission for the swap.)
Blueberry Knoll is a high-end estate in Norton with large houses. LPS owns the land to the rear of Blueberry Knoll as well as a housing lot on either side of the entry (two lots – shown on Map 24). A proposed land swap involving the two lots and the entry for a larger lot in the back did not happen as the Blueberry Knoll residents bought property with the idea that LPS owned the land at the entrance.
There is parking at the Blueberry Knoll turnaround and an old cart path leads to the border of I-495.

Off Plain Street there are five houses with a common driveway. This is not a subdivision so is governed by different rules. The backland was given to LPS and it abuts the Blueberry Knoll land. It is mostly upland and has five species of club moss on it. The only access to this land is through Blueberry Knoll.
The town and the state own Land near I-495. The orange property belongs to the Norton Water Department and the red property belongs to Fish and Wildlife. (Not sure what map this refers to!)

The town wells are on Water Department property on this map.

The town purchased Lincoln Woods from the state (Conservation Commission land). Much of it is quarried

Town of Norton Assessors Map of Blueberry Knoll (green on map)

Bluebery Knoll