Medeiros Preserve and Misty Meadows

Map 14 Parcel 1 32.44 Acres Laura Lane etc., CR Misty Meadows—The Antonio Medeiros Wildlife Preserve. The first of two donations by Laura Medeiros and her family, encouraged by Robert Medeiros. South of Richardson Ave., it includes an easement for a Mass Electric power line, and the service road provides a way in. There is also an entrance between two of the houses on Laura Lane. There is wetland bounding it along the Attleboro line, and a very minor tributary of the Wading River runs through it. It is wooded and rich in bird life, including wild turkeys, visiting bald eagles, and over a hundred other species spotted at various times by Jean Shea, whose land abuts it. To the south it is bordered by Town conservation land, which in turn abuts the Nickerson gift, which is a Norton remnant of Ms. Nickerson's major gift to the Attleboro Land Trust. Given SIGNED $32,500.00 Map 14 Parcel 5 31.4 Acres Richardson Avenue The Medeiros Family Wildlife Preserve also given by the Medeiros family, it is bounded by the Attleboro and Mansfield town lines. An easement for Mass Electric high-tension lines and service road provides a wet meadow habitat bordering the wooded main portion of the land. There is also a bog, perhaps a natural cranberry bog, in the center of the land. A large number of wildflowers grow in the meadow habitat, which is the richest open land the Society owns. Plants include wild lilies, orchids, a variety of clovers, as well as several varieties of goldenrod, etc. These attract butterflies and the wetlands attract dragonflies. Given SIGNED $184,800.00 Narrative for Map 14 This is the Mansfield end of town. The railroad line runs along the edge of the Medeiros land. The Medeiros family gave two large parcels of land to LPS totaling about 60 acres. Mr. Medeiros, a long-time member of the Conservation Commission, worked for the railroad, but also purchased land for a farm. He eventually developed part of the land as Laura Lane but the remainder was given to LPS. The land north of Richardson Avenue (The Medeiros Family Wildlife Preserve) was a gift from him and his family and the land south of Richardson was a gift from his mother (Misty Meadows). Wild orchids, Turk’s Cap Lilies and wild cranberries can be found on the land. Also leeches. This is very nice habitat, forest edge, deep forest, old cranberry bog, hummocks and wetlands, and a pine area. Good for birding. The Laura Lane development is surrounded by conservation restriction land. The proposed Attleboro bypass would be at the corner of the property at the Mansfield Attleboro land and head toward Chartley Pond. There are wetlands in this area. While New England Power Co. gave permission for the tracks to travel along their easement; there would be a fight with the Town of Norton, which owns the land. In response to a question by Ann, the proposed rail line, which would cost billions, has been proposed as a way to increase employment in Boston for residents of Fall River and New Bedford. It would also provide transport to Fall River and New Bedford for proposed casinos and high-level hotels. The state has not made a real demographic study of this proposal and Frances for one doubts that the data would support the plan. The state has identified some interesting historical sites along the part of the Wading River on this map. There were various encampments, possible for hunting, and artifacts have been found. Wheaton College has helped with a dig along the banks.

Town of Norton Assessors Map of Misty Meadows (continuous green)

Misty Meadows