The Canoe River Lands

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Map 2 Parcel 4 (5?) 13. 06 acres Newcomb Street

The Canoe River Land. Part of a 43.5 (42.5) acre purchase from the Newcomb Home. The negotiations were complex and finally cleared through Land Court. The land is riparian boundary, most of it wet and currently impassable. It originally included a millpond and dam, but has eutropified with low water levels. It can be reached from Red Mill Road (Newcomb St.) and at high water, a canoe can be launched upstream, but there is no longer good paddling. It includes the old dam and mill foundations from the nineteenth century. Purchased April 5, 1976. $92,400.00

Map 2 Parcel 12 3 Acres Newland Street
The Mills Property. Remains of a 5-acre gift from Stephen and Lorraine Mills, our first land gift. It abuts the Mansfield line and borders the Canoe River. The Town of Mansfield took the two acres on their side of the line for their water department through eminent domain. Given February 13, 1973. $31,000.00

Map 5 Parcel 94 27.34 Acres Newland Street
Canoe River Lands. Part of 43.5 acres purchased from the Newcomb Home. The land borders the Canoe River on both sides and is often wetland in rainy seasons. There is a path on the easterly side for a way from Red Mill Road on the Easton side of the bridge. The land abuts Easton Water Department land, which is upland. At one time a bridge crossed the Canoe Rives downstream from Red Mill Road. The land purchase was complicated and went through Land Court to establish clear title. Downstream it abuts Town owned Subon land. There is a right of way in from Newland Street. Purchased April 5, 1976. (For valuation, see #2)

Map 5 Parcel 97 2.09 Acres 173 Newcomb Street
Canoe River Lands. The final segment of the 43.5 acres purchased from the Newcomb Home, it also abuts the Canoe River. Purchased April 5,1976. Negotiations initiated in October 1975. (For valuation see #2)

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