The Elwin Nason Family Nature Preserve


Map 11, Lot 45-0-R 21.4 acres East Main St. Rear Part of Elwin Nason Nature Preserve Dorothy S. Lorance of Sullivan’s Island, So. Carolina donated 28 acres of land behind homes along E. Main and S. Washington Sts. This forested parcel is located in the Canoe River aquifer, and Area of Critical Environmental Concern designated by the State of Massachusetts. It currently abuts Route 495 although it used to extend to the Canoe River. This parcel is a portion of land formerly known as the Laban Lincoln Farm.
Elwin W. Nason, Charles R. Nason, Nancy J. May and Karen Robbins, all of Norton, MA, conveyed about 24.78 acres of land to LPS in June, 2013. It abuts the property donated by Dorothy S. Lorance of Sullivan’s Island, So. Carolina in June, 2012.
Charles R. (Dick) Nason and Theresa (Terry) Nason granted a ten-foot easement to LPS to access the Elwin Nason Preserve at the edge of their property, 22 S. Washington St. Dick keeps the grass cut so that the opening to the preserve is clear from the street. Off road parking is limited. As part of the arrangement, Dick Nason (alone) is allowed to remove dead and fallen trees in the preserve. Indeed, Dick and Terry are excellent caretakers of the land for LPS.
Trail Map
Elwin Nason made the original Nason land purchase.
Nason Property