Here are some things to look for while walking in the woods.

This is a remnant of farm borders.

Something that belongs to a bird or a rodent such as a squirrel or mouse.

A hole in the ground that is the home of a rodent, reptile or amphibian.

Footprints from animals in soft or damp ground.

Rivers, streams and ponds found in the Woodward Woods property.

Nut and seed shells, browse evidence on twigs, and clumps of fur or feathers that indicate an animal has been eating in the area.

Holes in trees that might be animal homes or evidence of a woodpecker searching for insects.

Look around. Can you tell what made this tree fall?

Poop from forest animals shows what those animals eat, what kind of animals live in the forest, and returns nutrition to the soil.

Small morsels which are nutritious food for many forest residents.