Summer Reading List
Thank you to Laurie Pleshar

longest day
The longest day / by Wendy Pfeffer June 20th = Summer Solstice

Finding wild
Finding wild / by Megan Wagner Lloyd

We hope summer finds you on the ‘wild’ side.
Enjoy all your outdoor fun! Happy Summer!
And some books to try along the way!

For Younger

summer days
Summer days and nights/ by Wong Herbert Yee A sweet little picture book that focuses on the small but special details that define this season.

the hike
The Hike/ by Alison Farrell
In this story, three best friends’ adventurous hike is portrayed with an abundance of details --something new can be found in every reading. A variety of images, field notes, word play and short sentences are included, as well as more information about the flora and fauna observed on the hike.

wild berries
Wild berries = Pikaci-minisa/ by Julie Flett Summer berry-picking – a great activity to try! In this peaceful story that includes a handful of Cree language words, a child and grandmother pick wild blueberries. Throughout their time in the forest, the two observe several woodland animals. A recipe for wild blueberry jam is included.

be a tree
Be a tree! / by Maria Gianferrari; illus. by Felicita Sala
An enjoyable exploration of our tree-human connection, this book teaches both well-established facts about trees and new revelations about their interlinked, supportive communities. It includes tree-conservation and community-building ideas, a diagram of tree anatomy, and further resources. 

Over and under
Over and under the pond / by Kate Messner; illus. by Christopher Neal Silas
Boating on a pond, the characters drift along as evening approaches, with wildlife and plants beautifully illustrated in minute details that will have readers easily recognizing specific species. Several features, such as an "About the Animals" section, will even spark interest in older budding naturalists.

big beach
The big beach cleanup / by Charlotte Offsay
A simple, action-oriented story about cleaning up a trash-covered beach. Cora leads the way after she is disappointed that the end-of-summer sandcastle contest is cancelled due to all the plastic washed up on the beach. She recruits helpers and then posts “Beach Cleanup” flyers all over, resulting in the return of the contest, but also an ongoing call to action about respecting the beach environment.

For older

Next time you see a firefly /by Emily R. Morgan  
One title in the Next Time You See series from NSTA Kids, this award-winning science trade book will awaken kids’ wonder anew about this familiar insect of summer. More facts and free supplementary activities are also available on the NSTA website.

Ultimate Bugopedia (Ultimate series)/ by  Darlyne Murawski Insects can be fascinating to investigate (well, maybe not the mosquitoes that want to investigate you!), and this comprehensive resource is the perfect, fun book to browse through or study. Chock-full with information on a huge assortment of bugs, this well-laid out volume has eye-popping color photographs and many other excellent features.
kid gone fishin
Kids gone fishin’ /by Dave Maas
A ‘how-to’ for newer, young anglers, the books many pictures and charts cover topics such as the skills and knowledge for catching and identifying fish, which fish are okay to catch, how to clean a catch, and more. Find out where you can fish in your town’s conserved water areas!

pocket guied

Pocket guide to the outdoors
/ by Jean Craighead George (author of My side of the mountain)

kids guide
The kid's guide to exploring nature
/by Marilyn Smith

new england nature
New England Nature Set:
Field Guides to Wildlife, Birds, Trees & Wildflower of NE Pamphlet
/ by James Kavanagh

All three titles inform kids’ interest in nature in various entertaining and informative ways. These guides to outdoor fun and skills encourage middle school readers to be naturalists no matter where they live.

outdoor scientist
The outdoor scientist : the wonder of observing the natural world / by Temple Grandin
The book combines memoir, biography (Grandin is a renowned American scientist and well-known public figure with autism), informational text, and engaging projects. From exploring rocks, to the woods, the beach, birds, animal behavior, etc., this text will motivate children to get outside their homes and observe, and also has great appeal to those already interested in nature. Many resources are included.