Mud by  Mary Lyn Ray

The earth is becoming unfrozen! The Land Preservation’s ode to the coming of spring includes this roster of books for kids and family to enjoy.

Many thanks to Laurie Pleshar, LPS member, for putting together this delightful and useful list of books.
Younger Kids

Abracadabra! It's Spring! 
by Anne Sibley O'Brien; illustrated by Susan Gal
Winter has transformed magically into spring! 

Spring in the Woods  by Mia Coulton
Early spring is an exciting time of change in the woods. In this informational book filled with photographs, young naturalists can take a walk through the woods along with characters Danny and Bee. The book includes instructions on how to make a field journal that kids can take with them when they go exploring in their own local woods.

Everything Spring (Picture The Seasons)
by Jill Esbaum
Lively nature photographs, such as those of baby animals and close-ups of buds, connect young children to the joyfulness of spring’s new growth and sensations.

Lola Plants a Garden
by Anna McQuinn; illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw
From the well-loved Lola series, this story features Lola sharing special moments with her mother and reading books, which inspires a garden project. As she waits for her seeds to grow, Lola makes her own garden book, and later, invites all of her friends over for a picnic in her garden.

Older Kids

Spectacular Spring: All Kinds of Spring Facts and Fun
by Bruce Goldstone
Topics in this vivid informational book include everything from plant growth, wet weather, and baby animals to spring-cleaning and spring art projects. Close-up photographs challenge us anew to observe shifts in nature from winter to spring. The book includes ‘how-to’s’ for activities that will get kids involved with their own discoveries of the changes the spring season brings.

Robins!: How They Grow Up by Eileen Christelow
An inspirational book full of information about one of the most emblematic signs of spring – the robin! Learning about the habits of these birds encourages further observance of the signs of spring.

Put On Your Owl Eyes: Open Your Senses & Discover Nature’s Secrets; Mapping, Tracking & Journaling Activities by Devin Franklin
This informational book is a wonderful tool for kids ages 8-13 to use as it guides them to be aware of nature in their own environment, whether it is a backyard in the city or a spot in the forest. It teaches how to observe, track, journal about, map, practice gratitude for, and truly experience nature. The change of season and warming weather is a perfect time to create a “nature nickname” for yourself and get outside to try all the activities suggested in this book encouraging a special relationship with nature.

Field Guides ...And while exploring outside, it’s always great to have a field guide handy. Check out the guides for kids, such as those below, and many more on the list of guides listed here. Guides

Frogs, toads, and turtles (Take-Along Guide) 
By Diane L. Burns; illustrated by Linda Garrow

Backyard birds
by Karen Stray Nolting, Jonathan Latimer, et al.; illustrated by Roger Tory Peterson