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The Trail on the Foster Preserve Along the Old Copper Works Canal
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It is deer hunting season. Hunting is not allowed on LPS property, but you should still take care.
Norton is in Zone 11.
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The Land Preservation Society of Norton acknowledges that it owns land which was once a part of the original Wampanoag territory when explorers and settlers arrived in the 17th century. Known as a place for hunting and fishing, arrowheads and other artifacts have been found near Winnecunnet Pond. Two sites important to Wampanoag history are on Land Preservation land. One is King Philip's Cave. Legend tells us it was a lookout and a place of refuge for Metacomet (King Philip), the Wampanoag sachem, during King Philip's war. Lockety Neck, where the Rumford and Wading Rivers join on Woodward Forest land was an early battleground in the war. Descendants of the tribe still remain in the area.


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